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Maria Chaput

The Hon. Maria  Chaput Consultant, manager, assistant director, executive director, author and volunteer are some of the roles and responsibilities occupied by Senator Maria Chaput in the course of her career. Appointed December 12, 2002, she is the first Franco-Manitoban woman to sit in the Senate.

British Columbians have had it “up to here” with gang violence

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Published by Senator Larry Campbell on 25 February 2009

The laws governing possession of illegal firearms must be changed. There should be no bail for someone found with a firearm. There can only be one reason for having the weapon, and that is to wreak havoc and violence. There should be no two days’ credit for every one served in pre-trial custody. There should be no reward for contributing to gang related or any other shooting. The Crown must stop plea bargaining weapons charges. To assist in this, a reverse onus should be placed on the accused, rather than the Crown having to prove possession. Let’s let the accused show lack of possession. Oppressive? Overreaction? Tell that to the parents, family and friends of those killed in needless gang violence. 

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