Agent Orange

The fact is (according to DND's own documents) that the Americans sprayed a measley 481 liters of Agent Orange and Agent Purple for 3 days in 1966 and 4 days in 1967.Their own documents show that DND sprayed 75,000 litres of Agent Orange over Base Gagetown for 8 years from1956-1984 before the Americans ever arrived in Gagetown.Why is DND only allowing compensation for our exposure to the small amount of Agent Orange that the Americans sprayed and not for our exposure to the 8 years of Agent Orange sprayed by DND? This is NOT an American issue as DND has perceived it to be. DND has to be held accountable for the total 28 years of toxic herbicide spraying that they did at Base Gagetown from 1956-1984, as Harper promised in Woodstock in January, 2006.Doing the Math – According to DND’s own documents: 75,000 - litres of liquid Agent Purple, Agent Orange containing Dioxin were sprayed by DND during those 28 years (including the miniscule 483 litres sprayed by the Americans in the summers of 1966 and 1967)1,225,000 – litres of Agent White sprayed by DND (liquid chemicals)2,038,000 – pounds of Agent White sprayed by DND (dry chemicals)3,236,000 – TOTAL LITRES AND POUNDS OF TOXIC HERBICIDES WERE SPRAYED BY DND FROM 1956 – 1984 OVER BASE GAGETOWN.WE DEMAND compensation for our exposure to ALL the chemicals sprayed during those 28 years and not just for our exposure to the small amount of AO that the Americans sprayed for 7 days. WE DEMAND a full public inquiry be called immediately. DND cannot be investigating itself. DND itself needs to be investigated by an independent public inquiry.

Marilynn Kirchgessner (Fredericton, NB) on April 19, 2009

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