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Catherine Callbeck

The Hon. Catherine S. Callbeck, B.Comm., B.Ed. Senator Catherine S. Callbeck was the first woman in Canada to be elected as Premier and was named as one of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women in 2006. Appointed to the Senate on September 23, 1997, she represents the province of Prince Edward Island.

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Journalists Lost in the Line of Duty

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Statement made on 28 April 2009 by Senator Joan Fraser

Hon. Joan Fraser:

Honourable senators, again this year I rise to read a list of the names of journalists who were killed in the line of duty in the preceding calendar year. I stress that these are people who are known to have died because they were journalists, not journalists who happened to be killed for some coincidental reason.

We cannot bring them back. We cannot resolve the pain of their families and colleagues, but we can bear witness to their sacrifice.

In 2008, in Afghanistan, Carsten Thomassen died in a suicide bomb attack; Abdul Samad Rohani was shot.

In Argentina, Juan Carlos Zambrano died of causes unknown, but for reasons that are known.

In Bolivia, Carlos Quispe Quispe was beaten to death.

In Brazil, Walter Lessa de Oliveira died of causes unknown.

In Cambodia, Khem Sambo was shot.

In Croatia, Ivo Pukanic died when a car bomb exploded.

In the Gaza Strip, Fadel Shana was wounded and killed.

In Georgia, Alexander Klimchuk was killed by militia; Grigol Chikhladze was killed by militia; and Stan Storimans died as a result of a cluster bomb.

In Honduras, José Fernando Gonzáles was killed.

In India, Mohammed Muslimuddin was stabbed; Ashok Sodhi died in crossfire; Javed Ahmed Mir was shot; Konsom Rishikanta died of unknown causes; Vikas Ranjan was shot; and Sabina Sehgal died of unknown causes.

In Iraq, Alaa Abdul-Karim al-Fartoosi died in a roadside bomb explosion; Shihab al-Tamimi died as the result of a stroke after injuries from a shooting; Jassim al-Batat was shot; Sarwa Abdul-Wahab was shot; Wissam Ali Ouda was shot; Haidar al-Hussein was abducted, tortured and shot; Mohieldin al-Naqeeb died in a drive-by shooting; Soran Mama Hama was shot; Musab Mahmood al-Ezawi was kidnapped and killed; Ahmed Salim was kidnapped and killed; Ihab Mu'd was kidnapped and killed; Qaydar Sulaiman was kidnapped and killed; and Dyar Abas Ahmed died of causes unknown.

In Mexico, Alejandro Zenon Fonseca Estrada was kidnapped, beaten and shot.

In Niger, Abdou Mahamane was killed.

In Pakistan, Chishti Mujahid died in a targeted attack; Siraj Uddin died in a suicide bombing; Mohammed Ibrahim was shot; Abdul Aziz Shaheen died in an air strike; and Abdul Razzak Johra was kidnapped and shot.

In the Phillipines, Martin Roxas died in a drive-by shooting; and Dennis Cuesta was shot.

In Russia, Magomed Yevloyev was killed in police custody; and Telman Alishayev was assassinated.

In Somalia, Hassan Kafi Hared was killed by a landmine; and Nasteh Dahir Farah was shot.

In Sri Lanka, Paranirupasingham Devakumar was stabbed; and Rashmi Mohamed died as a suicide bomb victim.

In Thailand, Athiwat Chaiyanurat was murdered; Chalee Boonsawat died in an explosion; and Jaruek Rangcharoen was shot.

Bear homage to them, honourable senators.

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