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Jane Cordy

The Hon. Jane  Cordy, B.Ed. An accomplished educator, Senator Jane Cordy was appointed to the Senate on June 9, 2000, by the Rt. Honourable Jean Chrétien. She represents the province of Nova Scotia.


Senators drop in to visit a base in Wainwright, Alberta

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Members of the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence (SCONSAD) recently visited Canadian Forces (CF) troops training before their deployment to Afghanistan in 2008.

The delegation consisted of the Honourable Senators Colin Kenny, Chair (Ontario), Tommy Banks (Alberta) and Rod Zimmer (Manitoba). SCONSAD has been studying Canada's involvement in the Afghanistan mission for more than two years, in particular operations, equipment and training needs. The Committee's visit to the base coincided with Exercise DESERT RAM, a month-long work up training exercise.

In February 2007, the Committee released a report on their findings to date entitled Canadian Troops in Afghanistan: Taking a Hard Look at a Hard Mission. The Committee visited troops in Kabul, in May 2005, and in Kandahar, in December 2006. Having seen operations on the ground in Afghanistan, the visit to Wainwright showed the visitors how the troops were being prepared prior to deploying to Afghanistan and the type of equipment they would use in that country.

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