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Art Eggleton

The Hon. Art  Eggleton, P.C. Senator Art Eggleton has served the people of Canada and the city of Toronto in public office for over 35 years. He was appointed to the Senate on March 24, 2005, by the Rt Honourable Paul Martin and represents the province of Ontario.

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Canada is not for sale!
Senator Hervieux-Payette tables bill to save Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL)

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Posted on 18 November 2010

Ottawa, November 18th, 2010 – Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette tabled a Bill in the Senate to save Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. Her Bill titled: An Act concerning the reorganization and privatization of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited and providing for other measures relating to nuclear energy.

“Today, I have provided a platform that proposes solutions that will enable AECL to be ready for the incoming nuclear renaissance,” said Senator Hervieux-Payette.

Having realized the indifference of the conservative government towards strategic economic sectors in Canada and their emphasis on short term political and financial gains, Senator Hervieux-Payette decided to follow up on the recommendations made by the Nuclear Industry during the hearings on AECL this summer at the Senate Standing Committee on National Finance.

“The conservatives never learnt from their mistakes, they want to create another Avro Arrow with AECL,” she added.

Under this Bill, 30% of AECL would be sold off to the private sector while the federal government would maintain control of 70 % of the corporation. “AECL is a vanguard and profitable company, it is part of our heritage and we must take action now to ensure that it remains at the service of Canadians for generations to come,” concluded Senator Hervieux-Payette.


Paul Lussier
Legislative Assistant
Office of the Honourable Céline Hervieux-Payette, PC
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150 Days of Independence:
Senate Liberal Caucus Moves Forward on Five Key Initiatives

27 Jun, 2014 | By | 150 days have passed since Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau announced his plan to reduce partisanship and patronage in the Senate, beginning with Liberal Senators being completely independent of the elected Liberal Caucus. The newly-independent Senators met and decided to establish themselves as the Senate Liberal Caucus, which was then recognized by the Speaker of the Senate as the official Opposition in the Senate.

Canada Revenue Agency refuses to co-operate with the Parliamentary Budget Officer

19 Jun, 2014 | By | Charlottetown Senator Percy Downe has received confirmation from the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) continues to stonewall and deny Canadians important information from their government regarding the “tax gap”, the difference between the tax revenue the government ought to be able to collect and what is actually collected, a difference that is a result of overseas tax evasion.

Senate Committee Tables Report on Innovation in Agriculture and the Agri-food Sector

18 Jun, 2014 | By | The Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry tabled its report today Innovation in Agriculture: The Key to Feeding a Growing Population. The committee undertook to examine the challenges facing the agriculture and agri-food sector and how research and innovation can help stakeholders overcome these challenges while adapting to the changing landscape in which they operate.

National Security and Defence Committee Tables Report on Ballistic Missile Defence

17 Jun, 2014 | By | Canada should join the U.S. ballistic missile defence (BMD) program, says the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence in its report titled “Canada and Ballistic Missile Defence: Responding to the evolving threat” tabled today in the Senate.

Demutualization of Insurance Companies Concern for Islanders

13 Jun, 2014 | By | Charlottetown Senator Percy Downe has voiced his opposition in the Senate to measures in the Federal Budget 2014 that deal with mutual insurance companies, specifically with regard to how these measures affect Prince Edward Islanders. Downe is troubled by the procedures set out for the demutualization of these companies, which have been founded, in many cases, by farmers who were unable to purchase insurance at a fair price.
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