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Lillian Dyck

The Hon. Lillian Eva Dyck, B.A. Hon, M.Sc., Ph.D. Senator Lillian Dyck was appointed to the Senate in 2005 by Prime Minister Paul Martin as representative of Saskatchewan. Before her appointment, Senator Dyck was one of Canada's leading neurochemists, whose research was instrumental in the development and patenting of new drugs to aid in the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson's, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's.

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Senator Downe calls on Federal Government to Allocate Climate Change Crisis Funding to Prince Edward Island

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Posted on 24 January 2008

“Prince Edward Island should be identified as a priority in the Government of Canada’s funding initiative to take action against the climate change crisis,” says Charlottetown Senator Percy Downe.

Growing criticism of the Government of Canada’s unwillingness to take action on the environment has prompted an announcement of federal funding over the next four years to help Canadians prepare for the impacts of the climate change crisis.

As part of the recently announced program, Environment Canada will be responsible for $15 million allocated to improve climate change scenarios which will help protect the health and property of Canadians, as well as assist communities in their emergency preparedness planning.

The Department of Natural Resources will be responsible for $35 million allocated to develop regional programs geared to facilitate adaptation and collaboration between Government, economic sectors, local communities and organizations.

“Although these funds have to be shared throughout Canada, a 2001 Government of Canada report entitled Coastal Impacts of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on Prince Edward Island indicates how Prince Edward Island will be damaged by rising sea levels, which is why our province and its communities should be the recipient of a large amount of the promised funding,” concluded Downe.


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b) Environment Canada Backgrounder, dated December 10, 2007

Most Recent News

Senator Hubley Introduces Legislation for a National Day of Fiddling

2 Apr, 2014 | By | Today, in the Senate Chamber, Senator Elizabeth Hubley introduced a Private Member’s Bill for an Act respecting National Fiddling Day.

Open Caucus: March 26, 2014—Missing and murdered Aboriginal women

26 Mar, 2014 | By | Sadly, the story of a missing or murdered mother, sister, aunt, niece, or grandmother is not a singular story in Canada's aboriginal communities. For much of our history, this human rights tragedy has terrorized aboriginal families and communities. Many victims and families have suffered in darkness.

Green Party Leader Shows Leadership on Accountability

4 Mar, 2014 | By | Charlottetown Senator Percy Downe salutes the leadership shown by Green Party Leader Elizabeth May (Saanich-Gulf Islands, B.C), for her commitment to introduce a motion in the House of Commons asking the Auditor General to conduct a comprehensive audit of MP’s expenses. This comes in response to a letter he sent to all party leaders last week, asking them to consider such a measure.

The Senate Liberal Caucus: Bringing Canadians into Parliament

26 Feb, 2014 | By | The Senate Liberal Caucus today announced five initiatives, arising from its new independence, to do politics differently in the Senate.

House of Commons Should Follow Lead of Senate: Party Leaders Urged to Move Motion

26 Feb, 2014 | By | Charlottetown Senator Percy Downe has written all party leaders in the House of Commons (letter attached), urging one of them to show leadership in moving a motion inviting the Auditor General to conduct a comprehensive audit of members’ expenses.
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