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Claudette Tardif

The Hon. Claudette  Tardif, B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D. Senator Tardif has been a member of the Senate of Canada since March 24, 2005. She was appointed Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition in the Senate in January 2007.

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Bill C-9: The Erosion of Accountability / Govt. By Stealth



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Posted by John Leard (Oakville) on 17 June 2010

Dear Senators:

This is my plea for the Senate of Canada to protect all Canadians from the demonstrable abuse of authority that the Harper government is attempting through Bill C-9. For a Budget to include the erosions to: environmental protections, Canada Post’s successful business model, and the privatization of atomic energy among others, at the very least weakens our democracy and cynically discourages the participation of citizens in our parliamentary process. It is unconscionable for our elected representatives to not effectively oppose this Bill. It is surely their job to ensure proper debate on the included amendments to so many other Acts/Regulations which will have profound effects on all of our lives for years to come. It therefore falls to Senators of all parties to support Senator Murray’s efforts to remove those attachments that are not related to financial matters in the 2010 Budget. Please do not let the divisive politics of our current government sway you from your duty to provide “sober second thought”. Thank you for your timely consideration and if there is anything that I as a citizen can do please do not hesitate to ask. John Leard


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Climate change and a fair tax system

17 Nov, 2011 | By Don | Climate Change: this is the most important issue facing us. Visit the James Hansen website and find in the most recent paper that warming is accelerating and temperature anomalies are becoming greater.

4 Days Work Week in Canada - Why haven't we opt for that yet?

30 Aug, 2011 | By OATRICK | " I am a proud Canadian. I love our country. However I feel Canada needs a four day work week like France. Even our country to the south of us may introduce a four day work week in certain states.

Canadian Armed Forces pensions

26 Aug, 2011 | By Craig | Are an absolute mess. Clawbacks at a certain age, overshadowed by medical pensions which are of no real tangible value (they devalue the regular pension, resulting in no real net gain for a medical condition, say, like a blown off limb), and a faulty and flawed Veterans Affairs portfolio.

Preservation of Canadian Lighthouses

5 Jul, 2011 | By Michel | I read with interest the report of the Senate on the above subject.
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