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The Hon. Maria  Chaput Consultant, manager, assistant director, executive director, author and volunteer are some of the roles and responsibilities occupied by Senator Maria Chaput in the course of her career. Appointed December 12, 2002, she is the first Franco-Manitoban woman to sit in the Senate.

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What Is The Next Step CCSVI/MS Patients Should Take??



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Posted by Judy Butcher (Jasper) on 02 July 2011

Dear Liberal MP's, and Senators,

MS Patients need to know, in light of recent developments with CCSVI/MS, and the Minister of Health's announcement that Canada will fund CCSVI trials, what should MS Patients do now?

As so much time has already been wasted, and as the rest of the World has tested CCSVI treatment adequately enough, we believe, to say that CCSVI Venoplasty works, and could save many lives; we believe that many people should be treated SOON (NOW). Time is critical when dealing with MS.

Would you please give us some direction as expediently as possible? Is it possible for something to be done prior to Parliament reconvening? This really should be dealt with ASAP. Is the Government really content to just let more people die? What can be done?


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26 Aug, 2011 | By Craig | Are an absolute mess. Clawbacks at a certain age, overshadowed by medical pensions which are of no real tangible value (they devalue the regular pension, resulting in no real net gain for a medical condition, say, like a blown off limb), and a faulty and flawed Veterans Affairs portfolio.

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