Fair gambling

The game is said to be “fair” if it allows all players to have strictly the same chance of winning or losing. In other words, the same probabilities apply to every game played. This calculation is based on the entire game in question.
This definition therefore calls into question some of the so-called “winning” methods that tell you how to increase your chances of winning in a scratch card game. When the game is fair, each player is on an equal footing at the start of the game.
Fair play applies not only to scratch card games but generally to almost all casino games when they are completely subject to chance.

Does fair play benefit players?

As a player, your main advantage in playing a fair game is that you are not disadvantaged compared to other players in your chances of winning. You don’t have to look for a strategy to supposedly have the same probability as the player who won the jackpot. It doesn’t matter who played before you or when you are going to play. No matter when you play a fair game, you always have the same chance of winning as the other players.

It is mainly the respect of the online game randomness factor that determines this fairness. If everyone follows the rules of the game, no one player is favoured more than another.

Of course, there are options where the chances of winning are multiplied. But in these cases, the option is still fairly offered to all players. There are no players who are favoured to be the only ones to access these options.

The fairness of scratch card games…

If you are told that this scratch card is a better winner than another one, you should immediately think of cheating strategies (if you are comparing several tickets of the same game). Yes, there is no such thing if the game is really fair.

On the other hand, you should know that the success rate rises as the amount of your bet increases. But this also applies to all players.

… on the internet

The same principles apply to online scratch cards. Especially since online scratch cards are available with stakes ranging from C$0.10 to C$10. For the same stake, the chances of winning are the same for all players. And this rate increases with the size of the bet.

Online gambling sites and casinos that care about the fairness of their scratch card games use the software. It shows the winnings to be allocated to players in advance, well before they bet.

In the case of a new edition of a series of scratch cards, the software creates a given number of tickets based on the prize list. This will make each card unique and coded. Then, when you bet, the software uses the random number generator (RNG) to randomly draw a card from the list corresponding to your bet. Only after this random draw does the software make the card readable. These software programs are audited, usually by outside companies, to provide a report that is required to maintain a gaming license. All of the scratch card sites we recommend are licensed and therefore allow you to have a fair game on the scratch cards (or other casino games).

How do you create an advantage?

All players have the same chance of winning, but the indirect advantages can change the game. For example, if two players both have C$1,000 in their bankroll but are using welcome bonuses (for example) from different casinos, one player may have an advantage over the other. He will end up with more money than the other player, even though he had the same starting capital. The choice of the online platform is therefore important… playing intelligently starts by intelligently selecting an online scratch card site!