Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is both different from fair gambling and also very similar. It is interesting to look at these two factors together because they can be easily grouped together and the player can benefit more.

Gambling also involves risks, and the player needs to be able to assess himself/herself against these risks, and also set limits if necessary. Online gambling sites also help the player by developing some so-called responsible gambling options that can be very useful.

Assessing your gambling behaviour

Addiction or dependence is, unfortunately, possible, but what about excessive gambling? There are specially designed websites, which propose to evaluate, free of charge, one’s level and classification as a gambler in relation to the risk of addiction or the loss of self-control.

A list of organisations specialising in combating gambling addiction is also available to individual gamblers who need it. There are also sites to help gamblers and those around them. Financial difficulties are also addressed and can be solved with the help of appropriate organisations.

Setting financial limits

Many online gambling sites have financial limits in place either on the deposit the player can make and also on the amount of money the player can use over a period of time.

It is very important to set this limit before you start betting real money on the games because depending on the addiction the player may tend to forget a reasonable limit. Unfortunately, this can lead to the account going into the red very quickly.

Preventing a minor from accessing gambling sites

Protection that may be necessary for some families, to protect children and prevent them from accessing certain gambling sites. There are parental control protections such as the Cyber Patrol software which prevents minors from accessing certain sites. It is also possible to contact your Internet Service Provider directly to find out what solutions are in place and recommended.

Enjoy the benefits of fair and responsible gambling

As we have just seen, these different measures can be beneficial to the player financially and also socially. It is worthwhile to assess his or her approach to gambling, his or her attitude as an online gambler, and also to protect his or her family from this.

The gambler can benefit from:

  • to develop his budget positively by setting a limited budget per month over a period of one year. Depending on what they enjoy, the new games put online and their budget, it is possible to make it evolve.
  • move towards games that may be more profitable for the player and also less addictive.
  • to evaluate one’s gaming behaviour regularly every 6 months.
  • compare your financial limits and budget for online gambling with other players.

Because every day is a chance, the fair scratch card game is also the most interesting for the player because all players are on the same level with regard to the probability of winning.

Scratching should always be fun and winnable, the limits should be known and gambling should always be done within reasonable budgetary limits.